Comment Corner

Here are what clients and colleagues have to share about Kelly:

“Kelly Johnson goes ‘above and beyond’ in everything she does for her customers. Not only is she kind, considerate, and genuine, but she has outstanding customer service and takes care of things you didn’t even realize needed to be taken care of. She does this ‘just because’ and politely informs you afterwards. It is such a treat to work with Kelly!” Judy Schiller, Founder and Simplicity Coach, Because Life is Short

“Since Kelly and I began working together, she has been an asset to my business. Her uncompromising integrity and tenaciousness have allowed me to stop being concerned over many aspects of my practice. Her high level of energy and skills have allowed me to turn over more tasks which has provided me the time to focus on other key parts of my business. Her willingness and aptitude to take on and learn new tasks, even in areas that are unfamiliar to her, make her ideal to my goal of a long term business partner. Kelly has excellent verbal and written skills that allow her to work extremely well with my clients as well as my colleagues. Kelly’s attention to detail and her thoroughness would be an asset to anyone who has the opportunity to work with her. Should you have any questions or would like to speak with me about my experience with Kelly, please feel free to contact me.” Jeff Fine, LCSW, MS, Integrated Lifestyle Management

“If you’re looking for an amazing VA, then I know you’ll want Kelly Johnson to be the one you hire. If I were to provide Kelly performance appraisals, I’d be checking “Exceeds Expectations” on a continual basis. She picks up things immediately with very little explanation required; she makes recommendations to structure my business more professionally and she is efficient, immediate and willing to do what it takes to get the job always! She has a multitude of talents, and my clients love dealing with her as well. Please feel free to contact me in person if you would like me to go on…and on…and on…about Kelly!” Therese Kienast, MCC, CPCC, Executive Coach and Leadership Development Consultant, People Builders, Inc.

“Kelly Johnson has worked with me as a virtual assistant for over a year now. To clients she is my Business Manager seamlessly handling all manner of logistics including scheduling and billing. To me Ms. Johnson has been my research assistant, IT department, co-collaborator, and much, much more. Time and time again Ms. Johnson has amazed me with her breadth of knowledge in a variety of business related activities and with the resources and tools she has found and implemented to help my business to achieve its objectives. Ms. Johnson has been 100% reliable throughout our working relationship in accomplishing goals on time and with a high level of quality and completeness. She has been a great asset to my business and a comfort to me personally as I struggle through the day-to-day complexities of being a small business owner. I can recommend Ms. Johnson without reservation to anyone who may be considering adding a virtual assistant to their staff.” Don Duffy, President, Princeton Coaching & Counseling

“In my juggling role of being business owner expanding the business, president of a professional coaches organization (ICF-OC) with a Board, business and personal coach to individuals, groups, corporations and my newest endeavor of coaching nurses in healthcare facilities… plus research, scheduling, calls, emails… I can always count on Kelly to smoothly accept and handle the needed leaps from one action item to the next. Initially, I knew I needed assistance for the success of my company and yet was puzzled at what I might be able to ‘give up.’ Since the beginning of Kelly’s and my relationship, I have increasingly given up having to do it all and wondering whether it would be completed to my satisfaction. I am actually free of those activities that are neither in my area of expertise nor my best use of time and yet absolutely have to be addressed. In addition, Kelly supports me by reminding me of those sneaky little items that have slipped my mind and for which she expertly asks whether I may now wish to consider once again. Kelly is uncompromising in her commitment to excellence, joyfulness and integrity which gives me the wonderful peace of mind in having chosen to hire her as my Virtual Assistant!” Patricia Hirsch, MCC, MBA, RN, Principal, Design Your Life Coaching

“For those who don’t know, VA stands for Virtual Assistant, and in my world, as it pertains to Kelly, it means Life Saver! Kelly brings an amazingly fresh and positive energy to her work as a VA, and there is so much I couldn’t have done without her, in our time together.” From A Financial Minute w/Jenifer Madson Newsletter Vol. I, Issue 50

“Working with Kelly is very rewarding because she consistently delivers the highest quality work, on time, as promised. In addition, she’s a valuable partner for my business by bringing new information and possibilities she runs across to my attention. Thank you, Kelly!” Michelle Randall, President, The Juncture Company

“Kelly is enthusiastic, organized, detail-oriented, creative and is an independent self-starter with a drive and work ethic to match.” Toni Starner, Media Partners

“She is an independent, motivated, flexible, and committed person – certainly an asset to any team!” Shannon Bishop, Transformations, Inc.

“Kelly has many outstanding qualities. She works extremely hard and is very dedicated and loyal to her position.” Worth Hatley, Visiting International Faculty Program

“Kelly is a self-starter and she often would demonstrate her pro-activity in anticipating new challenges and more efficient office operations. Her business and office skills are outstanding and only exceeded by her people skills. The quality and high caliber of professionalism that you will observe in her many skills and talents will be readily apparent.” Norm Kirschenbaum, Charter Oak Unified, Covina, California

“Another strength (of Kelly) is her ability to problem solve any issue regardless of the substance of the issue. When an issue requires an immediate analysis and decision, Kelly can make the decision without hesitation. She is truly an engaging person who works at the highest professional level each day.” Steve Muller, Visiting International Faculty Program