Adding a Form to Your Website Without Having to Know Coding or Learn a New Software

In the work I conduct for clients, one of the areas that they request the most assistance with is their websites and blogs. My client’s experience with their sites ranges from “I hear the word HTML and my palms start to sweat” to “I have created my own web pages and am familiar with coding.” A specific need for websites and blogs is the addition of forms on sites. Forms are needed for a variety of items, including contact forms, feedback forms, order forms, questionnaires, etc. We want to be sure to capture our site visitor’s information and feedback – those details are gold!

Interested in adding a form(s) to your site without having to know coding or learn a new software program? Check out these two services:

1. MyContactForm

MyContactForm has an online wizard that takes you step-by-step in building a custom form for your site. Each step prompts you for the information needed to develop the form, and once the form is created, you (or your webmaster or Virtual Assistant) will copy and paste the code provided by the system onto your site.

There are two types of accounts: a Standard User (free) and Premium Member ($39.99 per year – yep, you read that right – per year!).

Both accounts offer an unlimited number of questions you may place on your forms and an unlimited number of forms you may create. The Premium Member account offers these additional features: contact management system, file attachments, hosted forms, exporting form submitted data, CAPTCHA, and the ability to have a submitted form sent simultaneously to 25 different emails.

2. Wufoo

Wufoo is an HTML form builder that allows people to build online forms such as a contact form, mailing list form, survey, workshop registration form, online order form and quizzes without having to know or write any code. The form builder walks you through each step of creating your forms.
Wufoo provides the code for you (or your webmaster or Virtual Assistant) to place the form on your site, or you may email a link to your form.

There are five account options, and you may upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time:
The Gratis (free) account allows you to create 3 forms with up to 10 fields and have 100 entries/month. The paid accounts range in price and features and start at $14.95/month.

Sign up for the free accounts, take them for a test drive and see which best fits your business needs.

With either of these services, you will be a pro at creating forms for your site in no time!

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