Hootsuite: Post to Your Social Media Accounts Through One Service


Social media is one of the most popular marketing and communication methods available, and it allows us a great platform to share our expertise and announce our professional activities. In the desire to consistently publish updates through tweets and posts, you may feel that you are devoting a significant amount of time logging into your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts to post content.

Want to save time and be able to have your updates posted to all of your social media accounts through one service? Consider signing up for an account at HootSuite.

HootSuite is a free, online service that allows you to manage multiple social media profiles such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, monitor keywords and schedule messages.
(They have a paid version as well if you need to set up more than 5 social media accounts in your Hootsuite account).

You create a “tab” in HootSuite for your social media accounts so you may track posts, publish your tweets to send to your social media profiles and re-tweet content from people you are connected to or follow.

Another valuable feature of HootSuite is the ability to schedule a tweet. To help have consistent activity in the number of tweets you publish weekly, you may choose to send tweets immediately or select the date and time for tweets to be sent later.

Kelly Johnson has a certification obtained from Hootsuite University

In addition, you may use HootSuite to:
* find new people to follow on Twitter.
* track people talking about your brands, products and services.
*easily add links to your tweets using HootSuite’s Ow.ly – a URL shortener that also tracks how
many people click on that link.
* send an @reply or direct message.
* embed an auto-updating Twitter feed search on your website or blog.
* send your blog updates to Twitter by adding your blog’s RSS feed in your HootSuite account.

Explore HootSuite and see how it may save you time and benefit your business.

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